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Best gift: locally produced food?


The gift boxes from Gårdshem are packed with a wonderful mix of culinary delights from the region. It's a gift that tastes good and does good. The box strengthens the local economy and rewards one of the world's most sustainable farms. Above all, they are products of high quality. Many people want to shop more locally but find it difficult. We at Gårdshem want to make it easy to do the right thing.

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Choose between three different varieties

From the pantry

This box does not need to be in the fridge and contains a wide selection of locally produced products.Can also be made vegan.

Cheese and charcuterie

A selection of Northern cheeses and charcuterie. This box can survive outside the fridge for an hour or so but is best at fridge temperatures. Of course, here, too, there are only local food crafts.


Northern cheese box

This box is filled with a wide selection of Norrland artisanal cheeses as well as marmalade and biscuits. this box can also survive for a while at room temperature but is best in the fridge.

The price for the boxes is SEK 500 incl. VAT (SEK 446 excl. VAT) and we offer free delivery to you when ordering more than 10 pcs. The box is most easily ordered via our website, but it is also possible via email or in the store.

We will always try to adapt the boxes based on your wishes, but as we strive for sustainable consumption and work with food artisans, we cannot always guarantee a certain type of product and therefore reserve the right to adjust contents for maximum food enjoyment and sustainable consumption.

We have a hard time seeing how it can get better.

For companies:

To order or to inquire about gift boxes, please enter the following in the contact form on the left:

  • Number of boxes

  • Type of box

  • Company name

  • Billing information

  • If you wish to be driven out, please specify the date and time

  • If you wish to pick up in store, specify the date and time for pick up.

*delivery takes place to the company's office (not to households)

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