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About us

We are a farm shop in the Utopia area that sells Northern food crafts with local folk beer 

We make it easy for you who want to shop locally produced with quality. With us, you will only find goods from local farms, dairies, roasteries, breweries and other talented food artisans in our immediate area.

We are passionate about sustainable food and drink enjoyment.

Join us on our journey and we will create good taste and sustainability together!


Stefan, Christian and Elis

Farmhouse: Cheese shop, Charcuterie shop, Locally produced food.

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Winner of
This year's Cheese Counter 2022

"This year's cheese counter possesses great knowledge and a genuine interest in Swedish cheese, from small farm dairies to larger national producers. In addition to in-store tasting, in-store serving and home delivery in the local market, cheese enthusiasts across our long country are offered to participate in digital cheese tastings. The staff at Årets ostdisk is, to say the least, prepared to go that extra step to strike a blow for Swedish cheese, and with great knowledge they always treat suppliers and customers in a friendly, professional and benevolent way."

The 2022 cheese festival

Winner of
Stora Tourism Prize 2021

Food and drink are becoming an increasingly important factor in the attractiveness of places. More and more Swedes let the access to a good dining experience guide the choice of destination for the holiday, as well as in the case of summer 2020 what the holiday money should be spent on when travel was restricted. In the fight for consumers' attention, specialized actors are crucial. Gårdshem is the market hall of the new age, a shop window and muscle mass for producers of food and meal experiences. Their operations in physical stores and online have created attention for regional products, which leads to purchases not only from them as retailers, but also strengthens the competitive advantage of restaurants that offer regional food and the producers' own sales channels. During the pandemic, they have maintained a strong digital presence and offered everything from online tastings to home delivery of goods, all in order to keep the business going. In doing so, they have not only kept their own wheels rolling, but have also been a support for the many small-scale producers who form the cornerstone of the Västerbottinian meal-based experience industry. 


At the end of March, the spread of infection had created the first restrictions in Sweden and the uncertainty surrounding the progress and effects of the virus caused Swedes to stay at home and reduce their interaction to an absolute minimum. Gårdshem had planned a series of cheese tastings during the spring to spread knowledge about the many regional (Northern) cheeses that are on offer today. Instead of canceling, the World's First Online Cheese Tasting was arranged! This has been followed by more, and Gårdshem in this way shows a concrete example of rapid, positive change that benefits many actors. The cheeses included in the current tasting can be booked online or directly in store, where they can also be picked up or delivered home. Information on suitable drinks and accessories is also readily available. During the event, live chat takes place and a knowledgeable connoisseur leads the taste journey that goes between Norrland dairies, seasoned with anecdotes and interesting details that show solid knowledge and passion! 

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