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Tired of Taleggio?

Welcome to Gårdshem's cheese tasting - Cheese in Norrland! 

Since 2019, Gårdshem has been selling Norrland artisanal cheeses. We have won awards for our online cheese tastings and were named Sweden's best cheese counter in 2022!


Our experienced tasting leaders, who work in our shop on a daily basis, tell us about the history behind Norrland cheese, about Gårdshem's journey and about the different cheeses that we try and their origin.


You buy and take the wine with you, but we are happy to help with suggestions for suitable wine choices.


You can book either in one of our stores or by contacting us on phone number 076-76 76 471 or at

Online Cheese Tasting.jpg

Open cheese tasting


Köp hem en ostprovningspåse och delta från ditt eget hem. I påsen ingår sju olika ostar och en burk marmelad. Vi sänder provningen live på det utsatta datumet nedan. Du får all information du behöver från butiken.

Pausat för tillfället

Anmälan görs via eller


Private cheese tasting


Take care of your important customers or do something nice for colleagues or friends. We adapt solutions according to your wishes and at any location:

  • your own premises

  • with us at Utopia (after the store closes) 

  • Out with Eljest on the Island

The cheese tasting can be anything from a shorter activity with six to eight cheeses to a full evening program with around twenty different cheeses. The test can be held basically anywhere, only imagination and space set the limits and can be conducted in Swedish or English. 

Small cheese tasting (8 cheeses):

  • Fee SEK 3250

  • Cheese package SEK 200/person

Between cheese tasting (12 cheeses):

  • Fee SEK 3,500 

  • Cheese package SEK 300/person

Large cheese tasting (20 cheeses):

  • Fee SEK 3750

  • Cheese package/person SEK 500

Prices ex VAT. 25% for fees and 12% for cheese packages. 


If you want to book us for a larger party in an external venue or outside Umeå, contact us for a quote.

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